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Yoga Class 1 - (19.00-20.00) - TUESDAYS

Yoga Class 1 - (19.00-20.00)  - TUESDAYS



Yoga Class 1 - (19.00-20.00) - TUESDAYS

Category: Wellbeing
Description: Yoga from 19.00 to 20.00. It will run for 10 weeks.

Recommended for beginners or anyone continuing to build their yoga practice.

What to bring:
  • A mat and at least two blankets (one to lie on, and one to put over yourself).
  • A pillow or cushion for under your knees, and/or one for under your head.
  • Wear thermals, layers to keep yourself warm throughout the class.
  • Whatever else you need to feel cosy and comfortable.
What is Yoga Somatics:
Slow, gentle movements that work with your muscle memory to improve your posture and alignment.
Yoga Somatics asks of you to move gently, with as much ease as possible, to be kind and compassionate towards yourself.
In Yoga Somatics, less is more. The less effort you can apply to your movement, the more freedom of mobility you will enjoy.
You will be lying down for most of the class, with a focus on internal awareness of how you move.
This helps to relieve tension, and leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, more flexible, and rejuvenated!
For more information, see

Ruthe Bourke

Community Artist & Educator
Somatics Yoga Pilates
Infant Massage
Fee: €90
Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: 2024-09-17
Start/End Time: 19:00 - 20.00
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