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MNEMONICS – The Art of Memory - MONDAYS

MNEMONICS – The Art of Memory - MONDAYS



MNEMONICS – The Art of Memory - MONDAYS

Category: Written & Communications

You know what it’s like to forget someone’s name. Or you may have forgotten appointments, telephone numbers, speeches, punch-lines of jokes, directions, or best of all: your spouse’s birthday. You might feel like the man, dancing at the Amnesiacs’ Annual Ball, saying to the woman, ‘Do I come here often?’

If you feel enough is enough here is your chance to change that. In this course you can learn to jump-start your memory. You can learn how to remember numbers, numbers of any length; to memorise your shopping-list will become second nature to you, or for that matter any list.

Imagine: Speeches without cue-cards, making (and keeping) appointments without a diary or reducing exam stress by acquiring enormous amounts of information. How about learning 1000 French words within one week.

All this and much more will be dealt in the course “Mnemonics – The Art of Memory”.

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction

(Key-elements; How to remember 10 random items)

Session 2: Key-element: Visualisation

Session 3: Key-element: Location

Session 4: How to remember Names & Faces

Session 5: How to remember numbers

(and a random deck of playing cards)

Session 6: How to remember foreign language vocabulary

Session 7: Study skills

(and how to hold speeches without cue-cards)

Session 8: Building your own systems

Session 9: The 20th century calendar & Advanced Techniques

Session 10: Visualisation in Action


Joe Thornton

13 years experience teaching Evening Courses (Memory Techniques and Visualisation/Relaxation Techniques; various locations, i.e. Galway, Athlone, Dublin, Cork, Castlebar)

Fee: €140
Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: 2024-01-08
Start/End Time: 19:30 - 21:30
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