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Dietetics QQI Level 5 - CLASSROOM BASED

Dietetics QQI Level 5  - CLASSROOM BASED








Course Name - Dietetics 5N3736

Award -Minor Award Level 5

Course Overview

Purpose The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the principles of
nutrition in the implementation of specific client Nutrition Care plans.
Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to:
1 Discuss the role and functions of a dietician in a broad range of healthcare settings and throughout the specific issues of the lifecycle
2 Analyse the categories of dietary intervention including the conditions necessary for their use
3 Summarise the role of the national food and safety agencies including their strategies to increase public awareness of the effects of good/ bad food choices
4 Explore nutritional status and the characteristics of overnutrition and undernutrition in specific issues of lifestyle 2
5 Explain the importance of zoning areas in a kitchen and of adhering to them
6 Discuss the nutritional products and equipment used in Nasogastric (NG), Nasojejunal (NJ) and Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrotomy (PEG) cases
7 Explore the influence of vested interests on dietary choices
8 Discuss the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) with particular reference to seasonal products 9 Apply the range of techniques used to support positive dietary choices
10 Use a range of measuring tools to determine growth development in a range of clients and calculate Body Mass Index
11 Identify the quality points of a wide variety of food commodities
12 Examine the role of the Dietician and Dietician Assistant within the multidisciplinary healthcare team
13 Use a Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST)/Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) for measuring Nutritional Risk Screening (NRS) to include its benefits and limitations
14 Use a range of measuring food intake methods, record observations using an analysis software programme such as WISP, Dietplan
15 Identify the functions of a professional kitchen and the duties of kitchen personnel
16 Report on strategies employed by community nutrition intervention agencies to a range of client groups
17 Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations in relation to food safety, hygiene, health and safety procedures

Assessment Technique

Examination - Theory 60%
Assignment 40%

Dietetics 5N3736 -

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Tutor: Adele Rankin
Fee: €240
Duration: 12 weeks
Start Date: 2023-09-18
Start/End Time: 19.00 - 22.00
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